Loretta Benson

Loretta’s Wellness

Loretta’s Wellness:

Health & Wellness – Melaleuca is an online Health & Wellness Company with over 400, “non-toxic & eco-friendly solutions” at “wholesale” prices, delivered right to your front door! Think of a “green” Amazon only safer, healthier & more economical.

Illness and stress prevent many people from living life to the fullest. We have patented solutions to help with: diabetes, blood pressure & cholesterol issues, thyroid, auto immune, eczema, dry skin, psoriasis issues. Whether your a customer looking for safer & healthier options for yourself, family or in your home, you will be amazed with the higher quality of the science & research backed solutions we offer!

About Loretta:

I educate people on how to improve their lives physically and or financially. Not only is it rewarding but it has become my passion to help others. After graduating from the U of AZ-(BSBA Marketing) my husband & I moved to Parker. I was blessed to stay at home while he traveled M-F. Being a single mom Monday-Friday raising my two children I was always looking for healthier solutions for the everyday needs of my family. I tried to keep toxic products out of our home, but found it very difficult to find economical solutions & I found myself running around to many stores trying to get the bargains. I no longer do that and I love shopping from home, not only saving money but so much time! I enjoy meeting new people and helping them make the simple switch of stores! It has become my passion now that my children are grown to help others improves their lives physically and or financially.