Susan Preston

Bit Works LLC

About Susan:

I have always looked to natural and alternative methods to keep my family healthy. My mom steered me in this direction from a young age. I have lived in Parker with my 2 sons and husband since 1994. Moved west for the Colorado sunshine after growing up in Northeast Ohio. Yoga, travel and reading are my favorite things to do besides doing BIT and making a difference in peoples lives.

Brain Integration Technique or BIT works with children and adults to alleviate or eliminate ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Anxiety. It is a drug free non-invasive therapy that permanently improves the flow of information in the brain.

Who can benefit?
- students — test anxiety, math skills, reading comprehension
-athletes — hand-eye coordination, self confidence, balance and concentration
-adults — public speaking, anger management, organizational skills, multi-tasking and focus


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