Terrie Bednarcyk


Terrie Bednarcyk:

The Netflix of greeting cards, SendOutCards saves people time and money every day around the world. Need to send 500 cards to 500 people? With SendOutCards it can be done in 30 minutes or less, sending real cards, not e-cards.

A former teacher, Terrie focuses on relationship marketing using SendOutCards and can provide the following:

  • creative presentations to business groups that will:
    • give ideas to keep in touch with clients—past, present and future
    • share success stories from other business owners
  • custom card designs for the busy professional / small-business owner
  • campaigns that build relationships
  • industry specific consultation
  • webinars (coming soon)
  • fundraising that works : 24/7, 365 days a year

About Terrie:
From Colorado via Texas, Terrie enjoys gardening, hiking, biking, traveling and pampering her rescue dogs. She also survived four high schools in three states by learning to build relationships fast.

Terrie has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from West Texas State University (now a branch of Texas A&M) and a master of education from the University of North Texas.


One Response to Terrie Bednarcyk
  1. Denise Rivas
    February 8, 2015 | 1:33 pm

    Terrie channeled her passion for relationship marketing to assist me with my annual holiday mailings, processes which, in past years, have consumed hours and hours. I am a big fan of automation, but didn’t want to give up the personalization of a hand-written message in each card. With Terrie’s guidance and tips, I used SendOutCards this past holiday season to strike the perfect balance. No licking envelopes and stamps, no paper cuts, and my friends, family, and clients loved their cards. I highly recommend Terrie and SendOutCards!